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Taste and Quality

For the consumer, taste is probably the most important factor in seafood choice. Tasting panel tests carried out in recent years by independent laboratories have shown conclusively that trout fed on diets containing polychaetes were consistently rated highest for flavour. Our polychaetes provide a highly valuable protein source (as good as if not better than fish meal) for farmed seafood. They have also been shown to give an excellent fatty acid profile in the final product. Research indicates that conventionally-produced aquaculture feeds do not give the farmed species the same level of seafood taste as they get in the wild.

The use of more and more land based raw material in other feeds means that seafood has less and less flavour of the ocean. Analysis of our farmed marine worms has demonstrated that the final product has a unique taste, offering a superior eating experience. Indeed, our polychaetes are typical of the natural flavour enhancers found in the marine environment.

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